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FLAG Territory and Local Development Strategy Presentation

Territory and Population:

The FLAG territory includes the entire administrative area of the 3 neighboring municipalities: Glavinitsa, Titrakan and Slivo pole, located in North-East Bulgaria:
- 49 towns and villages, including 3 municipal centers
- FLAG area: 1231 sq. km, part of the Danubian municipalities family
- Located along the lower flow of the Danube river from river kilometers 475 to 410
- Total FLAG population: 46 153 residents \2011\

Territorial Identity:

  • - All 3 municipalities are categorized as “underdeveloped rural” and “underdeveloped border” planning regions according to the Law on Regional Development
  • - Plane relief, moderate continental climate, located along a 64-km stretch on the right river bank
  • - Agriculture - main economic sector
  • - Natural wet zones along the bank; large biodiversity
  • - Fishing – traditional livelihood in the region
  • - A territory that is inevitably related to fishing, net crafting and the local boat workshops
  • - No formal organization and representation of the fishermen
  • - A territory of millenary existence, with internationally renowned cultural and historic heritage.


Local Development Strategy – Highlights:

Overall Strategy Approach:

  • - Integrating the fisheries sector into the model of local economic development
  • - Sustainable development and management of the FLAG territory
  • - Creating local capacity


Priority Axes:

I.  Improving access to markets and creating added value in the fisheries sector

II. Improving the living environment and increasing the competencies

III. Preserving the attractiveness of the territory and diversifying the traditional livelihood by encouraging alternative economic activities

IV. Technical assistance and FLAG management



1.1.: Adding value to products of fishing and aquaculture

1.2.: Maintaining and improving the trade system for fishing and aquaculture products by creating and modernizing fish selling points, and developing new markets and marketing approaches

2.1.: Increasing the competitiveness of the FLAG territory by public investments in improving the living conditions in the region

2.2.: Increasing the competitiveness of FLAG territory by acquiring new professional skills and competencies

3.1.: Fostering alternative economic activities, particularly tourism, by creating additional employment outside the fisheries sector

3.2.: Preserving the attractiveness and outlook of the territory by protecting its natural heritage

4.1.: Running costs for the preparation, management, monitoring, evaluating, information, control and strengthening local capacity for the implementation of the Local Development Strategy


Potential areas of Cooperation with other FLAGs:

  • - Sustainable fishing and fish farming
  • - Sustainable tourism in the Danubian region
  • - Developing social networks for fishermen’s families and local disadvantaged groups